Why More People Are Buying Meats from Local Butcher Shops

For decades, small butcher shops and specialty meat stores were the primary places that Americans went to for meats. But as more people turned to supermarkets and convenient one-stop shops for their groceries and meats, old-fashioned food stores like butcher shops were met with unfortunate decline. For the first time in history, however, people are trading in the convenience and reduced pricing of larger chain stores in order to purchase their meats and sausages from butcher shops instead.

But where, all of a sudden, did this shift in attitude come from? Here are 3 reasons why butcher shops are making a comeback:

People Want Healthier Options — The primary shift in attitude stems from people’s desires to be and feel healthier. Today, people know that good nutrition starts with smart choices when grocery shopping. For this reason, more and more people are shopping at farmers markets and visiting their local butcher to get better cuts of meats.

People Want More Local Foods — A lot of people today care about where their meat is coming from. Because most butcher shops hand-select the meats they want to sell, they are often transparent about where their meats come from. Butchers also have better relationships with local vendors and can cater to people who want to buy locally sourced meats and products.

People Want Higher Quality Meats — People are also more conscience about the quality and taste of their foods. People are choosing to get their meats at butcher shops because the butcher shops specialize in meats and will typically only sell meats that are very high in quality. Smaller specialty stores can also maintain more consistency in quality as well.

Most local butcher shops stand out from their supermarket competitors because they carry a wide range of local, high-quality meat products. At Gold Meat, we produce products that uphold the same high standards that customers expect from their local butcher. As a successful meat processing company with over 30 years of experience, we handcraft authentic Brazilian sausages and other ready-to-cook packaged meats right here in the U.S. Our facility in Tavares, Florida is currently over 42 thousand square feet and has a cold storage capacity of more than 800 pallets. Learn more about our high-quality and fresh products here.