Nutrients You Didn’t Know High-Quality Sausages Provide

Whether you love sautéing them for your favorite pasta recipe or keeping it simple by grilling them on the barbecue, sausages are a great way to spice up any dish. They are not only versatile, comforting and fun to eat, but they can also be full of beneficial vitamins and minerals too.

In fact, high-quality sausages can help contribute to a balanced diet by providing these 3 nutrients:

Protein. A serving of sausage contains between 5 to 13 grams of protein. Your body uses protein to maintain lean muscle mass, hormone balance, brain function and healthy tissue function. While how much protein you should personally have depends on a number of factors, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015 recommends 2-7 oz of protein per day, per person. In addition to containing several grams of protein per serving, sausages also provide numerous amino acids you need in your diet.

Iron. The American Red Cross states that eating meat generally boosts your iron levels far more than eating plant-based foods, such as vegetables, fruits and nuts. Sausage meat contains iron, an essential mineral that is responsible for producing hemoglobin and myoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein that is responsible for transporting oxygen in the bloodstream while myoglobin is a protein that helps your muscles store oxygen. Eating sausage can help you reach your recommended daily iron intake.

Vitamin B12. According to Livestrong, vitamin B12 is part of the B-complex of vitamins that are integral to many of the body’s function. Not only does the vitamin B12 found in sausages help your body transport oxygen to your cells, but it also helps your body metabolize fats and protein – playing an important role in brain function and protecting you from nerve damage. One serving of sausage can provide as much as 30% of your daily recommended intake.

Sausage can provide a range of beneficial nutrients and mineral. When eating sausage, it is important that you choose a fresh and high-quality product and avoid overly processed ones. We recommend sausages that are locally made and fresh. Give our delicious, gluten-free and lean chicken sausage a try today and see for yourself what makes Gold Meat products simple to make and delicious to taste!