Simple meals that will look beautiful and taste great

We are often told we eat with our eyes, and this is more true than ever when dining out. There’s no better way to make your friends jealous than to post a photo of a delicious-looking meal on social media. As a restaurant, producing photo-worthy food is a great way to increase customer engagement and get more people through the door!

Take things one step further, and show your customers that your food not only looks good but also tastes amazing, with these showstopping recipes.



Cast Iron Chicken Sausage with Olive and Lemon

Make your spring menu shine with this recipe bursting with fresh, bright flavors. Bring the Mediterranean to the table with this beautiful dish, featuring the flavor of olives and lemon paired with thin-style chicken sausage to pack a zesty punch.



Sausage Kebabs with Broccoli, Tomatoes and White Bean Salad

This fresh and healthy take on the sausage is the perfect addition to your spring/summer menu. Our chicken sausages with fine herbs would work perfectly to bring the flavors of the vegetables to life (Recipe:



Sausage Coddle

This classic Irish dish is a one-pot wonder, featuring the flavors of pork, bacon, sausage, potatoes, carrots and onions slow-cooked to perfection. It’s beautiful in its simplicity and also beautiful on the plate, with a taste to match.



Sausage and Lentil Stew  

The rich, earthy flavor of lentils combine perfectly with meaty sausages and sweet bell peppers in this recipe. You could try using Gold Meat’s pork sausages to create a hearty and filling photo-worthy dish (Recipe:


You can find more menu ideas on our recipes page. Try encouraging your customers to snap photos of your restaurant dishes and share them via social media, and watch your reservations go through the roof! For more inspiration visit our Facebook page.