Simple and Delicious Dishes That Will Stop You Reaching for the Junk Food at Lunch Time

It’s very tempting nowadays to grab lunch on the go, especially during a busy work day. However, with just a little prep you can ensure you always have a tasty and quick lunch ready to go as soon as you start to feel hungry. Preparing your meal ahead of time means that you can ensure the taste and quality of all the ingredients, and it can often work out better value than grabbing a fast convenience food.

Take a look at our quick lunch recipe ideas:


international tapas

International Tapas

Grab a storage container with divided sections and add slices of ciabatta, hummus, Greek salad, along with grilled sausage topped with a drizzle of olive oil. Try our thin-style pork sausage with fine herbs in this recipe for a delicious lunch packed with international flavors.


spicy ragout

Spicy Sausage Ragout

Sliced spicy pork sausage pairs perfectly with the flavors of tomato, garlic, and thyme in this tasty pasta dish. Try making an extra portion for dinner the night before, and you have a delicious lunch ready to go the next day – if you can stop yourself from going back for seconds!


sausage flatbread

Gourmet Flatbread

Top a flatbread base with your choice of cooked sausage and vegetables, top with a sprinkle of your favorite cheese, and bake. This can be enjoyed fresh from the oven, or it’s equally delicious once cooled. For more inspiration, check out this sausage, red onion and arugula flatbread recipe.


sausage frittata

Sausage Frittata

This recipe is perfect for a lunch, or even breakfast, on the go. Whisk up fresh eggs with your choice of cooked diced sausage, pour into a deep oven dish and bake until fully set. Cut into chunks and enjoy hot or cold. You can bulk up your frittata by adding diced cooked potato, mushroom, asparagus, bell pepper, or diced onion.


With these recipes and a little planning, you can have a tasty and quick lunch ready in no time. Gold Meat sausages are a great choice as part of your lunch, to bring an authentic and fresh flavor to your meal. Learn more about our sausages and other ready-to-cook products here.