Simple but delicious accompaniments that will complement your pork dish

You already know that Gold Meat sausages are packed full of authentic Brazilian flavor, but did you know that we also make delicious pork products? Our pork loin and pork tenderloin are seasoned with our special blend of herbs and spices, and because they are ready to cook you can go from fridge to table in less than one hour. Make it a meal for family or friends with these simple but delicious side dishes.


roast vegetables


Ultimate Roasted Vegetables

Fresh herbs, olive oil and balsamic vinegar make your favorite vegetables shine in this easy oven dish. The earthiness of the root vegetables and the sweetness of the onions will perfectly complement the meaty flavor of the pork. You can easily adapt the recipe to suit whatever vegetables you have on hand.



Classic Comfort

You can’t go wrong with mashed potatoes and gravy! Smooth and creamy potato with a rich onion gravy is a winning combination that’s quick to prepare and will pair perfectly with the pork. What’s more, this classic side will work equally well with sausages! Find the recipe here.


rosemary dumpling


Delicious Dumplings

These delicate flavor of these rosemary dumplings will enhance the natural sweetness of your pork, and make for a satisfying side dish. Cook them by simmering them over broth for fifteen minutes. When they are done, you can even add sliced onion and a little flour to thicken up the broth into a delicious gravy.


cheesy vegetable medley


Cheesy Crowdpleaser

Sure to be a new family favorite, this hearty side dish combines vegetables and pasta with a comforting cheesy sauce. It’s a great way to use up any vegetables you might have in the fridge, and is a great accompaniment for deliciously lean pork.


asparagus and green beans


Glorious Greens

Asparagus and green beans tossed with pecans, bacon, shallots and lemon zest make for a side dish that shines. This recipe would also work great with broccoli, brussel sprouts or leafy greens.


mushroom ragout


Mushroom Masterpiece

The delicious, earthy flavors of mushroom and the warmth of marsala wine elevate this ragout into a standout accompaniment for your pork. Add some creamy mashed potatoes and you have a winning meal.


Any of these simple sides will be a delicious addition to your pork dish. What’s more, they would work equally well with our other Gold Meat products! Inspired by authentic Brazilian flavors, all of our products are made using only ingredients sourced here in the US, and everything is made in our state-of-the-art facility in Tavares, Florida. You can learn more about our company here.


Try one of these side dishes today and share your creations with us on social media, using #goldmeatusa. Bon appetit!