3 Ways Supermarkets Can Grow Their Ethnic Aisle

Consumer’s growing interest for high-quality gourmet experiences and unique dishes are driving an evolution in grocery stores across the country. This rising popularity in ethnic cuisine is driven by the growing number of immigrants entering the U.S., in addition to an increasingly more adventurous American palate. U.S. retail sales of ethnic foods totaled nearly $11 billion in 2013 and are expected to generate more than $12.5 billion by 2018 [1]. For supermarkets, grocery stores and even butcher shops, this is a great opportunity to expand and grow their ethnic food offerings. Here are 5 examples on how they can cater to consumer demand for ethnic foods:

Know Your Target Market. While some foods and cuisines are universal favorites, preferences can often vary from store to store depending on the experiences and backgrounds of the local shoppers. Conduct market research to determine which ethnic foods will appeal to customers more.

Stay On Top of Flavor Trends. One of the biggest flavor trends in ethnic food history is Sriracha, the spicy sauce that is found everywhere, from flavored ketchup to chips and popcorn. Keeping up on the most popular food trends will help supermarkets anticipate high demand specialty food items.

Expand Ethnic Food Exposure. Some grocery stores are incorporating ethnic food items into other aisles. Whole Foods, for example, recently moved their seaweed snacks from the ethnic aisle to the snack aisle. This move will increase exposure and potentially help increase sales.

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[2] According to Mintel