5 Ways to Host an Effortless Holiday Party

Hosting a holiday party this year? Don’t sweat it! Planning a beautiful evening with your closest friends and family doesn’t have to be difficult or full of work. In fact, you can achieve a simple, sophisticated holiday meal with just a few things in mind.  

Here’s our foolproof guide to serving a beautiful holiday meal:

Limit to Easy Food. One of the ways you can keep your holiday meals stress-free is by opting for easy menu items that you can make ahead. Make-ahead appetizers like spicy sausage and gruyere crostini or spinach and caramelized onion dip can elevate your party without taking up too much of your time or attention.

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Prep the Night Before. Besides prepping your food (such as marinating meats or chopping vegetables) you can also prepare your house the night before. Get out your tablecloths and silverware and set your table. You can also put out decorations and select the music.

Stick to “Serve Yourself” Drinks. Another way you can elevate your holiday meal but keep it simple is by providing serve-yourself drinks, such as punch or winter sangria. You can also set up a drink station or bar where people can easily create a few of their own favorite drinks.

Mood Lighting. While this may be for aesthetic purposes only, low lighting can help you set the mood for your meal and get your guests feeling relaxed and happy.

Mix and Match Styles. Who says your holiday dinner or cocktail party has to stick to one specific theme? Whether you want to mix and match flavors or decoration styles, plan an entertaining evening that truly reflects you.

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