How Supermarkets Can Benefit From Growing Demands for Local Food

Today, consumers are more conscious about the food they eat. Factors such as eating quality, food safety, and health benefits all contribute to consumers’ increasing demand for more fresh and local food. Besides viewing local food as being superior in freshness, eating quality, food safety, and nutritional values, consumers also believe that buying local foods allows them to contribute and support the local community. For grocery stores and supermarkets, this is an opportunity to attract and maintain more customers.

Here are 3 ways local grocery stores and supermarkets can benefit from the growing demands for local food:

Competitive Edge – The food market is one of the most competitive industries, which is why many grocery stores and supermarkets are turning to local foods to give them a competitive edge. Local food also helps retailers simplify their supply chain management, save on time and transportation costs, and build goodwill within their local communities.

Millennial Appeal – Millennials value authenticity and locally made products. They want to feel an emotional connection to brands that can share their history and heritage of local products. By offering products that can show how, when and where products are made, grocery stores and supermarkets can build trust and transparency with millennials.

Profit – The trend toward locally sourced food products can benefit grocery stores greatly. Because most consumers associate local with “fresh,” more are willing to pay a premium for local food. Grocery stores can also profit from selling local food because it helps simplify their supply chains and improve delivery speed.

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