4 Small Plate Ideas For Serving Sausages

Maintaining profit margins can be the toughest challenge that most restaurant owners face. Since most restaurant ingredients are highly perishable, how can you ensure that your expenses are reduced? One way is to create a well-executed menu that pairs great with beer and wine.

Serving food that goes well with beverages like beer and wine can make a huge impact on the success of your restaurant. Not only creating a compatible food and beer and wine menu will help attract patrons to your restaurant, but it will also lead to significant profits from the increase in beverage sales as well. For this reason, more and more restaurants are serving small plates.

Developing a small plates menu for your restaurant can help you increase efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, reduce food inventory and decrease losses from spoilage. Because small plate dining can be more social and entertaining, patrons are more likely to order numerous small plates and stay longer to dine. Restaurants can also help suggest the best beers and wines to pair with each small plate, therefore increasing each patron’s ticket price.

Need some small plate inspiration? Unlike full or multiple-course meals, small plates, or tapas, can be made and served as soon as they are ordered. This lack of sequence keeps restaurants efficient and customers happy.

Here are 4 small plate ideas for serving sausages:

1. Grilled Sausage Bites

Pair perfectly grilled sausages with grainy mustard, spicy pickled onions and pickled gherkins

2. Mussels in White Wine

Serve fresh green mussels cooked in aromatic white wine, tomatoes and spicy sausages

3. Lentil and Sausage Soup

Make a hearty soup seasoned with fresh chicken sausage and plenty of delicious vegetables

4. Parmesan Gnocchi with Sausage

Sautee buttery parmesan gnocchi in brown butter sauce and topped with fine herb sausages

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