3 Ways to Host a Tailgating Touchdown

Football season is here and one of the highlights of this exciting time of year is tailgating! The time-honored event of tailgating is, without a doubt, an integral part of American sports. Not only does it bring people together, celebrate sharing (and a little competition), and allow football fans to create and participate further in the team experience, but it is also a time to enjoy great food and drinks.

While you may not be able to control the outcome of the football games, you can certainly make your tailgating party one of the best. Here are 3 ways to upgrade your tailgating party:

1. Give Classic Recipes a Twist. Classic menu items like hamburgers and hotdogs are two of the most popular tailgating items for a reason: they’re easy, tasty and great for grilling. One way to upgrade your favorite tailgating food item is by adding an unexpected ingredient. Instead of just a plain beef burger, try making your patties with beef and spicy pork sausages! The extra spice and flavor of the sausages will bring extra depth and give your burgers an added kick.You can also replace hot dogs with delicious Brazilian sausage links that are full of flavor!

2. Amp Up Condiments. An easy and quick way to give all your favorite tailgating recipes some added flavor is through some amped up condiments. Instead of plain ketchup and mustard, try making habanero ketchup, garlic aioli, rosemary Dijon or orange-tangerine BBQ sauce!

3. Sneak in Fresh Herbs. Fresh herbs aren’t just for fancy dinner meals! You can easily upgrade your tailgating party by adding the fresh and impactful flavors of fresh herbs. Try making herb crusted ribs or incorporating them in your favorite alcoholic beverage, such as adding fresh thyme to your spiked lemonade or putting fresh sliced ginger in your beer.

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